The air show at Rantoul, Illinois was a big success for those of us who attended this year!  The turn out of former "Willy Victor" crewmen was impressive and the interest shown by the public concerning "our WV-2" was very surprising.

I'm not sure that anyone kept count of the number of visitors that boarded the plane, but they gave a free will offering toward the aircraft's maintenance in excess of $650.

A number of us gave "tours" of the aircraft, complete with former radiomen sitting at the radio position, tapping out code for the visitors to "Oh" and "Ah" over.

The ladies who accompanied the "Willy Victor" sailors to Rantoul did a wonderful job in assisting during the affaire.  Without them, we would certainly not have been as successful in showing the aircraft off to the public as we were.

There has been talk of a reunion being held at Rantoul.  We believe that there is plenty of accommodations available at and around Rantoul, and that the aircraft would be the perfect "center piece" at such a reunion.  Everything is preliminary at this point.  Nothing is happening...yet.

Attached are pictures taken at the air show for those who couldn't make it.  Being a mortal who is experienced in rapid memory loss (RML) I don't have all of the names of folks who attended.  If the are sent in, I will add them.














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