Me at 22 years of age, 1962                   My wife, Lee and me at  time of
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A short Biography of my flying career

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Welcome to the Willy Victor Page
This page is dedicated to all of those Naval Airmen who flew, and supported the mission of the "WV-2". As you will see, I am trying to collect information to include in this endeavor. I could use photos, "artwork of squadron patches"(I will return all photographs after digitizing them), biographies, crew lists, I have been searching for the "track information" on the Pacific Barrier. Maybe some information from the Destroyer Escort guys, will be added. Anyone that would like to contribute (no money) information or photos may address them to: 

Wes Mortensen

1063 Bluff Pointe Drive

Chaska, MN  55318-1231

   Donald J. "DJ" Donnarumma

  In the later months of 1997, I was trying to get any information I could covering the mission of the squadron I served in while in the Navy.  My squadron was AEWBARRONPAC and there didn't seem to be too much information on the net covering the "Willy Victor" (WV-2) squadrons in general.  Somehow, I stumbled on a web page produced by a guy going by the "handle" of "spearman" (I figured it was some polynesian that was a throw-back to Duke Kuhanamoku, still coming by his groceries by wading out in the ocean and using a pointy stick).  Turns out that "DJ" (as his friends called him) Spent many hours in the "Willy Victor" from the mid fifties to the early sixties.  The guy was a radioman, a tech, an air traffic controller and a family man.

    On July 6th, 1998 "DJ" passed away.  Though I never met him, I considered him a friend.  Through his web site and numerous "chats" on the web, I came to know a caring and quite funny fellow who gave many who knew him sunny moments and shared many happy times from his Navy past.

    His interest and efforts in creating a web page called the "Willy Victor" Page was instrumental in bringing more than a few former "Willy Victor" crew members together and generating interest in a mission during the "cold war" very few folks knew about.  This was the early day AWACS and it was a very successful operation.

    I thought that "DJ" would be pleased to know that someone would carry on with the project he started.  I will endeavor to do justice to this project in the spirit that "DJ" had intended...good information, interesting graphics and hopefully a fun time for all!

                                                       Wes Mortensen