AT3 "Bert" Lancaster and AT (?)  Marple , ECM operators

LtJg Gene Davis and LtJg Tommy Haws, CIC officers

"See what the bjoys in the back of the bus will have" (The ACWs)  Front row: (l-r) ACW2 Herb "Charlie" Brown, ACW3 Tony Sedinger,  Second Row: (l-r) ACW2 Daniel H.  "Danny" Williams, ACW3 Harold W. "Harry" Dailey, ACW3 Robert "Patty" Patton, AT (?) Marple (ECM), ACW3 Roy T. "Ole" Olsen.

Nopper, Williams and Olsen

A day at the sea shore in Argentia.  (l-r) unknown ECM, ACW3 tony sedinger, Unknown, ACW3 Herb "Charlie" Brown

Danny Williams, ACW2 on rocks at shoreline in Argentia

Up to our ears in anchors and floats (Argentia)

A Little barracks recreation, the dice game in the head.  (Sedinger and Olsen)

3.2 Beer at the 103 Club (Williams, Olsen, Brown)

103 Clug (Olsen, Brown, Sedinger, Unknown)

"I'm out of here!" (Brown)