9 Golden Chain (VW-15) March 1957

RD "A" School class 18-56

Nose of WV-2 in hangar bay, Miami Hangar, Argentia, Newfoundland

CDR Raymond L. Klassy, PPC

CDR Raymond L. Klassy, PPC

Lt. Moore, PP2P and LtJg Newman, PP3P at forward mess table

Lower left_Pooler, F/E, Upper left_Nopper, F/E, Right, AE1 Valentine, Electrician/Cook

CDR Klassy and AE1 Valentine "Chow time"

AE1 Valentine at his primary job_cooking

AE1 Valentine, Cook and Nopper

Cook and AT (?) Belmore, radio operator

LtJg Opendahl and LT Hartley, Navigators

Lt Moore and AT (?) Ross , 1st tech