I came downto Pax River with the crew of 141325 in July of 1965, as first radio operator, from Argentia. I flew many Birdseye
missions before going to Westpac in 1966, flew on 444 and 641,627 etc. You must know Bob Frasch
rfrasch@suscom-maine.net and many others that we served with, I transferred to the VX-8 trainer up the hill when igot back
from Nam untill 1969, when I went to VQ-4 and then VP-56 at Pax. Alas, my "St. Mary's County job code" ran out in 71 when all
the Vps went to Jax. I will attatch some of my pix. Your Shipmate, Dave Tice,AVCM, Ret.