Bob Nettles sent these pictures

to me, but I suspect they're at the expense

of some unfortunate commander...out there...somewhere.


Must be why VW-4 was assigned most of the tow trucks.


The story of the Connie in the grass was they aborted takeoff after losing a engine on takeoff in JAX. The aircraft ran off the end of the runway and hit a sewer pipe. It happened in 57 and flew until 60. I was an AG that flew the last ten days on that aircraft into a storm and the next day it was sent to the graveyard. Doug Bender -VW-4


VW-4's Buro Number 137897 crashed On takeoff out of NAS Jacksonville on 10-13-57 after a Max Gross Takeoff was Aborted due to a Bad RPM gage on #1 engine.  After the Abort, #1 Prop didn't go into reverse, so when reverse was applied, # 1 Prop Drug the A/C Starboard and off of the runway, across the Grass and into the Sewage Drain about 3,500 feet to the Starbord side of the Runway.  We had to build a road out to the aircraft and after de-fueling it we had to tow it back to the runway.  All of this took about two to three days before we could get it back to the Hangar.  Bad decisions caused this accident and Hard work saved this A/C to Fly again.   Bullet Bob Nettles