This gallery of pictures was contributed by Paul (PJ) Menard,

Jack Weber, Jay Pankratz and Wes Mortensen.  They were used

to make the first two videos covering the Pacific Barrier.  These

two videos will no longer be made available, however new ones

are forthcoming.


v001.jpg (112855 bytes)

Flight Crew barracks at Barber's Pointe, HI

v002.jpg (70961 bytes)

View of flight crew barracks and outdoor theater at Barber's Point.

v003.jpg (104911 bytes)

Outdoor theater at Barber's Point.

v004.jpg (134955 bytes)

Handball court damaged by F9F Cougar crash.

v005.jpg (71008 bytes)

Navy exchange at Barber's Pointe

v006.jpg (96574 bytes)

Barracks BBP.

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v008.jpg (103506 bytes)

v009.jpg (64128 bytes)

Flight Line at BBP

v010.jpg (57530 bytes)

R7Vs at BBP

v011.jpg (71364 bytes)

BBP Hanger

v013.jpg (67320 bytes)

Hangar at Midway

v014.jpg (85865 bytes)

BBP Hanger