Submitted by Joseph V. "Frenchie" LeBrun

Submitted by Joseph V. "Frenchie" LeBrun

These three photos (above) are of the crew that flew the first Pacific barrier flight celebrating their first mission.  (Submitted by Joseph V. "Frenchie" Lebrun)

This photo (above) was sent to me by Jerry Meyer, who had obtained it from Ken "Buck" Buchan.  It is the crew (Crew 7, VW-12) who flew the first OPERATIONAL  Pacific barrier flight on July 1, 1958.  Ironically, SH 16 (crashed on Midway Island in February of '61) was the aircraft on this the flight.

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Submitted by Bill Kirner ATR2 VQ-1 Crew 2 (kneeling fifth from right)

Crew 3 "Black Widows"

Standing (L to R): Pitoniak ATR3 - 1st ECM operator, V.G. (VolleyBall) Miller, AC2 - CIC Crew Leader, O'Niel, AC2 - Assistant Crew Leader, Smith, AT2 - 1st Radar Tech., Ensign H.M. Hendricks - 2nd Navigator, LTjg J.V. Ganun - 1st Navigator, LTjg J.A. Conaway - Assistant CIC Officer, LTjg J.T. Webb - CIC Officer, CDR. A.W. Jones - PP2P (VW-11 XO), CDR C.J. Rose - PPC, LCDR. F.W. Harding - PP3P

Kneeling(L to R): Caputo, ATRAN - CIC Crew, Agular, AN - CIC Crew, Wester, AMH3 - CIC Crew, Long, ATW3 - CIC Crew, B.L. Perry, ADJ1 -  2nd Flight Engineer, Eastman, ADR1 - 1st Flight Engineer, Ford, ATN3 - 2nd Radioman, Flynn, AT1 - 1st Radioman

Not Pictured: Garner, AE2 -  Crew Electrician, Dombrowski, ATR3 - 2nd ECM Operator

Crew 10, VW-13