1. U.S. Navy VP and VW Squadrons Home Page

2. Dean Boys EC-121 Page

3. "N.A.R.F."  Naval Aircraft Restoration Foundation

4. AEWA Web Site
The Airborne Early Warning Association

5. Wheelchair Seven

6. Cold War History

7. Association of Naval Aviation
( Super, user friendly resource )

8. "144 Spark Plugs In Close Order Flying Drill"

9. "Willy Victors" of the North Atlantic

9. Fifty Fallen Stars (A great history of the EC-121, Written by SMSgt. A.J. Northrup, ret.)  We, who flew on the "Willy Victors" will definitely relate to this story.

11. VAH-21 Roadrunners  (Heavy Attack Squadron 21)

12. Pima Air and Space Museum of Tucson, Arizona.

13. Great gallery of Lockheed Images including Connie

14. 551st and 552nd AEW&C Wings (Air Force EC-121 squadrons)
Great history of our Air force counterparts.

15. VQ Association  (The best resource currently available covering the VQ squadrons.)

16. Airline History Museum (Save a Connie, Inc)

17. NavSource Naval History (Photo History of U.S. Navy)

     (One of the best sources for finding ships and pics of them I have seen)

18. Haze, Gray and Underway (Naval History and Photographs)

19. VW-1 All Hands Alumni Assocication


      Navy Aircraft Carriers on the Great Lakes 



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